Monday, December 31, 2007

The Task

Groups working on this task are reminded that they must first offer an abstract or summary to introduce / induct the reader to the event before offering their answers to the questions.


1. Examine the significance of each study or discovery.

a. Flight 93
b. Chernobyl – Containment
c. China Revealed
d. Shark Attack
e. Egypt’s New Tomb Revealed

Monday, April 30, 2007

China Revealed

China- Social issues

Within modern China, many different issues have arised. Issues can be political or social, etc. Here listed are some social issues.

1) One-child policy
2) Health care
3) Crime

1) What is the one-child policy?
Westerns feel that this policy is due to the required payment of a "social compensation fee" for couples having more than one child in urban areas.
China's generally perceived pandemic
overpopulation problem, with the associated social and environmental problems, stimulated the government to take strong unique measures in population planning policy.

The one-child policy has caused many social issues. Some of them are:
- Gender-based birthrate disparity
- Sex-selective abortion
- Social disparity between the rich and the poor.
- Female infanticide

2) Health care
- Corruption amongst doctors. Doctors in China are known for taking bribes.
- Lack of infrastructure
- Lack of modern equipment in many rural areas.
- Bad sanitation
- Uncontrollable spread of AIDS and STDs.
- Privatisation and double standards

3) Crime and corruption
- Corporate irregularity
- Corruption:
+ Government abuse of power
+ Neopotism
+ Cronyism
+ Wastage of public resources
- Unbreakable system of power
- Fusion and unclear definition on the powers of the government and judiciary
- Prostitution
- Gambling
- Growth of pornographic industry
- Re-emergence of organized crime
- Massive counterfeiting
- corporate scandals (includes corruption in professional sports)
- Increased instances of fraud and scams

Roslyn, Ee Ting and Eleanor